Connecting the dots

Publicado: febrero 27, 2014 en Liderazgo, Sociedad
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Connecting genius and vitality means connecting Steve Jobs and his Stanford’s speech. It has been written, debated, and discussed so much about that you may feel tiny compared to such a profound concept.


From my point of view, the concept of connecting the dots is a life’s gift. Even though it might mean that life is based on fate. It is a vital synthesis’ exercise made by lucid consciousness.

Unfortunately, today we are not used to those kinds of teachings because only a few reach to find the consciousness over the mind. However, this is point might lead to an endless debate, which is not my intention. We are just about to shuck what is really behind the dots.

The key to the dots’ connection is based on accepting the most radical meaning of freedom and responsibility. I seems that one day unconnected life experiences show meaningfully connection. Life is plenty of experiences that took time to be assimilated. Life is frenetic and makes us deal with new situations. Life drives us to dig into the bowels. Suddenly, either creepy or orgasmic experiences get related to others already processed and assimilated by our minds. This is what happens to us daily, but this is not what Jobs wanted to communicate.

connecting the dot

The secret is not to unconsciously live thinking that each dot will be connected, but believing the dots will be connected because of you. And something magical will happen when you jump into this brave personal adventure. Only then, you will experience the absolute freedom and intuition. This is not about waiting for the connection, but about throwing yourself into it. Dots can never be connected without a voluntary exercise of introspection. Or even dots can be disconnected. But again, it is your duty to find the new connection. Ironically, dots are just callings of freedom as human beings to make us realize that the only possible eternal connection is between our consciousness and life.


PS: The link to Stanford Job’s speech:



  1. knowthing dice:

    Do the dots will be randomly connected?

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