The hygienic independence

Publicado: septiembre 19, 2013 en Economia, Política, Sociedad
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I recognize the little originality about it, but I guess that qualifying the independence as “hygienic” can raise some expectation. It is not a common approach for this emotive, transcendental and complex subject. I agree. Neither the theory of motivation is common or effectively implemented by our organizations leaders, whether public or private; politicians or businessmen. An example of today’s motivation impact is seen in the Catalan independence movement.

Because of the sensitivity of the matter, I firstly prefer to clarify that it is not purpose of this post to make a political speech. The argument is based on scientific evidence about human psychology. Yes, I am Catalan and I supported the “Catalan human chain”, but the article turns around why such an important part of the Catalan society did it. More specifically, I am trying to explain how a significant group did it 11th September 2013 and not happened in 11th September 1996.

If Mr. Maslow, Mr. McClelland and other monsters of motivation theories excuse me, let me introduce you Mr. Frederik Herzberg , the American who lived after the atrocities of World War II and concluded that “the most important task of a psychologist was to avoid that the sane go crazy” . Herzberg taught that certain factors (extrinsic or hygiene factors) never motivate a person, but that the absence of these factors cause demotivation, dissatisfaction. These are factors such as salary, company policy, and relationships with colleagues or status. In other words, all are concepts that we take for granted in our labour relationships. If they are missing, we rapidly realize and cause demotivation. On the other hand, when we have all them, we do not feel motivated at all. We just feel satisfied because they do not have a connection with the individual performance or personal feelings.


From my point of view this is what is happening today to the vast majority of Catalan citizens. Catalans feel dissatisfied with the relations between Spain and Catalonia. Catalans feel discouraged by the current relationship between the two governments. For this reason, the Catalan society spent the last two National Days taking to the streets en masse (about 1.5 million people according to official sources) and claiming for the right to decide and vote their own future. I think this theory helps to understand why thecurrent movement is larger than the traditional independent motivation. There is always been a segment of the Catalan society that obey intrinsic motivational factors and are emotional motivated to achieve independence.  But now there is an spread feeling of dissatisfaction and discouragement with the treatment received by the Spanish central government. Nobody has motivated Catalans to be more independent, but there have been some reasons to demotivate Catalans to be part of Spain. This is why the movement has raised so much during the last years.

It is barely common for that a hygienic factor dominates a social change. This fact provides the movement with an extraordinary complexity because it is ruled by the an irrational way of thinking. None of the actors involved seems to clearly understand it. It is not trivial to understand that you cannot motivate a purely sentimental reason (the Spain’s political unity), without the minimum hygienic conditions (conditions between Catalonia and Spain perceived as fair by both parties). Without this kind of relationship, without this status, the politicians have lost part of the battle. And the winners will be those who understand how the hygienic independence works.


  1. knowthing dice:

    ¿Do you think these are hygienic or motivating factors? ¿Can a hygienic factor move an entire nation?

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