Entrepreneurship vs the idea

Publicado: septiembre 5, 2013 en Empresa, Entrepreneurship
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After the summer and the well-deserved vacation, it would make sense to start the new Knowthing course dealing with a contemporary topic. Reading the newspapers, the most relevant issues during the holidays have been: Gibraltar, Barcenas, Urdangarin, Siria’s war, Snowden and of course the football transfer market (good way to entertain the public, but this is an issue that perhaps we address in future posts). Taking into consideration these subjects, it’s hard to write something fresh in order to avoid a pointless debate. Then, I will address my post to one of my favorite subjects: entrepreneurship.

Usually, during vacations, we use to think about ourselves, avoiding our daily job (in case you are an employee). Today, I would like to discuss about what’s before:  the idea or the entrepreneurship.  Let me explain.

If we want to undertake a new business, we need an idea, a leitmotif, a project…Likewise, to undertake it’s mandatory to be an entrepreneur, which is not an easy task. So, what was before the chicken or the egg? Then, the idea or the entrepreneur?

Without an idea there is no room for an entrepreneur and without an entrepreneur there are not ideas. This theory which may seem obvious, involves long hours of reflection. Let’s think about on how we could get a solution when there is a lack of one of the two variables:


1. – I want to be an entrepreneur: If you are committed to be an entrepreneur, you need time to evaluate risks, benefits and understand exactly what entrepreneurship entails. Accepted this stage, it’s time to find your idea or project which can be an arduous task. Our main advice is to “be awake” or as Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry”. This means: movement, networking, analyze opportunities, go to forums, surround yourself with possible partners or others who are entrepreneurs, test, analyze markets and opportunities for improvement, among others. It does not mean that Steve Jobs had not ideas; I am just trying to enhance and heighten his entrepreneurship profile and skills. He is the best and purest example of entrepreneur.

2.- I have an idea but I do not know how to deal with my project: From my point of view, and this is a personal opinion, lucky you. If you really have an idea or a project and you feel committed with that, fight for it. Here, the most important thing is to surround yourself with partners / acquaintances or an experienced management team in developing ideas. As important is your idea as you partners.

I believe that both, the idea and the desire to be an entrepreneur must go together, and without a perfect mix between them we could make mistakes. Consequently, without an idea I won’t be an entrepreneur, and without an entrepreneur there will not be ideas.

Take into consideration these 2 examples:

Case 1: I want to be an entrepreneur: In my opinion, a clear example of an entrepreneur was Steve Jobs. This can be seen in his biography. Being young, he decides to leave his studies to embark with his ideals. Being fired from his own company, continues to undertake, creating other companies with new ideas. Such is the success that was reemployed at Apple. Steve Jobs was an entrepreneur since he was young and developed several projects and ideas frequently throughout his career. His vocation was to undertake.

Case 2: Facebook. Facebook was not born as a business model or as a source of income, but as a network of young academics. I refer to the film or the thousands of articles on the subject. In any case, the founders of Facebook were looking firmly to undertake but they had an idea that grew and years later ended up being what we all know today.

So, what should be the beginning? I think both are good choices, but maybe the easiest way is the second one, to have an idea / project and then exploit it. Nevertheless, Steve Jobs was a successful man…


  1. knowthing dice:

    What should be before the entrepreneur or the idea? Do both ways are guarantees of success?

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