Procrastination or the “art” of postponing

Publicado: julio 18, 2013 en Responsabilidad, Sociedad
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In today’s post we want to get out of the current issues hogging our newspapers to address an issue that affects us all in different aspects of our lives such as it is to procrastinate. Anyway, as it is usual in us we will try to connect it with something related to economy or the business world.

If you look up the definition of procrastination you will find that is understood as to put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. Or what is the same, the typical phrase that parents tell their children: “YOU ALWAYS LEAVE EVERYTHING FOR THE LAST MOMEMT”.

 Of all I’ve read about the subject, I take a study that shows how time management techniques do not really help because leaving things for another time is a matter of attitude and will. And following this line I want to show the “matrix of the urgent and the important”, which you can see after this lines. Normally we don’t procrastinate what is urgent because they are issues that need to be made ​​soon. However, out of activities that are not urgent we often delay the important ones because it is uncomfortable, difficult or less pleasant than doing other alternatives.

Time Management Matrix

 In addition, a person who procrastinates tends to make decisions based on what is “comfortable” rather than based on their experiences. As an example, how many times in project of any kind, personal, college or work, we underestimate the time needed or the difficulty to do it. These phrases are probably familiar to most of you: “I have plenty of time, the delivery date is in a month” or “I just need a morning to have it done”, but we end up doing everything in the very last minute and without the result we wanted…

Getting to this point of the post, I want to connect procrastination with a topic we often write about in Knowthing, entrepreneurship. What procrastination has to do with entrepreneurship? Well, in my opinion makes a big difference between the ones who say they want to build something and the ones who actually do it… I’ll try to be brief and direct with this point.

Why are there so many people who have brilliant ideas and that are supposed to have an entrepreneurial spirit standing? There is always some excuse like “the idea is not finished yet, I’m afraid, what if goes wrong, I don’t have enough money, I don’t have the business plan yet” and many others.

Many of this “excuses” might be right, but they are still excuses. Entrepreneurship is not about having a happy thought and hope that effortless it will occur, entrepreneurship is an attitude. It’s about being focused and doing the right thing to do, step by step, to actually build what you want. Again, what matters is to have the will get started and make it happen.

Someone who wants to start a business but finds himself procrastinating all the time must ask himself this question: Do I really have the determination to carry out the project? Do I feel like I’m wasting my time on things that are not a priority for me? Am I doing things I don’t really want to do?

If the answer is “YES”, you are in the right track. It’s all right if the day to day doesn’t allow you to focus on what you really want to do, and it’s a big step to realize it because you need to be aware of it to react. However, it’s important but not sufficient, and I know that is easier to say it than actually do it but you have to take a step forward and get to action. That’s probably the most important word of all that is written in this post: ACTION.

Ending today’s post, we must take action. Start the project because there always will be setbacks, there will always be difficulties and uncertainty, but one thing is for sure if you don’t stop procrastinating and start for sure you won’t be able to “solve” all these problems. You should probably take some time to think what you really want and, for once, go for it.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today” Abraham Lincoln



  1. knowthing dice:

    Why do you think we tend to procrastinate so much? What can you do today to achieve your goals? Is procrastination the greatest enemy of entrepreneurship?

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