Tangible and intangible things are identified. People are identified by the physical appearance, ethics or other aspects. Things are identified, usually by their physical appearance.  Products and companies are known mainly by the brand. The brand is, if not the most relevant item, one of the most important feature to identify products, companies and even services. Among others, I think that a good brand should be easy to memorize, unmistakable, unique, original, transcendent, versatile, consistent and synergistic. There are many examples and some of them are studied by marketing gurus in business schools. In fact, huge companies with large budgets have their own brand managers. Needless to cite specific examples, I am sure you can mention examples of success.

The success story about brand theory is Barcelona. The good image of Barcelona worldwide has generated and generates high revenues and brand loyalty in important industries such as tourism, design and food and beverage. At my point of view, Barcelona brand promotes positive insights. Many companies get linked to the brand Barcelona in order to pentrate a new market outside. Good idea, I guess. The product is unknown but the brand does not, and it transmits. I will not quote any product or designer, because fortunately there is already a trademark registration. Barcelona brand is comparable to what a wine is the designation of origin, and like all wines of the same name have some characteristic in common, also those linked to Barcelona.

Probably due to political reasons, Catalonia has been on the cover of national newspapers and has appeared in key pages in foreign newspapers. The FC Barcelona has also been a huge catalyst for this expansion. We can discuss about why and how, but Catalunya is enhancing its name.

Thus, Catalonia, like Barcelona transmits some values ​​branding and positioning. Which ones? Each one will think differently, but I think we can all agree that communicates. The world is becoming global as well as markets and Catalonia brand could be a possibility to increase sales as Barcelona brand does.

I think we all understand the importance of branding. Perhaps the Catalonia brand will never exist, or maybe is the initial basis for the international expansion of some products or companies.


  1. knowthing dice:

    What does the Catalonia brand come up with?
    Can Catalonia brand be a catalyst for the entry in new countries or conversely can be an hindrance?

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