Seeking the causes of unproductive labor

Publicado: mayo 23, 2013 en Economia, Empresa
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Reading the news, attending lectures or having conversations in informal areas is relatively easy to talk about the lack of productivity in the workplace. Although it is extensively debated, I think the most prominent cause of different levels of productivity is the labor relationship established. 

It is not casual that when listing the most productive firms, companies like Google always appear in top positions while others are not mentioned. Interestingly, these types of firms tend also to be considered among the best options to work. Is it random or is there something that makes it so?

Think for a moment how your ideal office facilities would be or how your ideal work environment should be to make you feel more comfortable while working. Probably your idea is quite close to something similar to the central office of Google in Santa Clara, California (see photo below). Surely, if a person outside the company entered into this office without knowing it, first impression would not probably be that the facilities seen were the headquarters of a company with a turnover of more than 50,000 million dollar.



Now, think for a few seconds about your day to day in your workplace and analyze possible similarities and differences with the working conditions of the companies considered Great Place To Work. Do you find reasonable that productivity levels are significantly lower depending on the company analyzed? As far as I’m concerned, the more freedom and motivation existing in any job, the more successful performance and opportunities to create an environment to develop all human potential … because we must remember that performance is always better when the employee is personally involved and motivated, the problem lies in getting this to happen efficiently.

 At this point, I believe that companies should make the same effort made to try to convince and seduce their target; to also retain their own workers because is not enough to have just a good product to be the leader, it is also necessary to have the entire gear working perfectly.

 In the end, and I do not know if I will have all your support, unproductive performance is due to leadership mistake.



  1. knowthing dice:

    Do you think that the companies are concerned in enhancing productivity at work? Do you feel enough free to act in your workplace? What would you do to improve your working conditions?

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