Thank you: 10.000 readers!!!

Publicado: mayo 9, 2013 en Entrepreneurship
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Thank you. Thank you all. Today we are in the mood of celebration. Not only of celebration, but also of gratitude.

Less than a year ago we started this adventure, in which we -the 7 members of Knowthing- have shared with lots of enthusiasm. In April we reached 10.000 visits in our site, which means an average of 1.000 visits per month. We never set objectives in terms of number of visits, but anyway these figures would have beaten all of them.

Once again thank you. From our side, next week we will go back to business and we will share with you our ideas and our way of understanding what is going on. As we usually quote, the more we are, the more we will learn. In this sense we want to be especially grateful to the ones that have helped us in spreading the word and have shared Knowthing with your friends, family and fools.

These 10.000 visits are for us a big amount of encouragement to keep doing what we do and try to improve every day. These 10.000 visits, among other factors, have also driven us to create a new idea. We have started it a few months ago, and currently it is in an incubator. A germ of an idea that week after week is growing, due to dedication, long hours, effort and passion. These are indeed some of the values that we want to transmit in Knowthing.

We are all part of the future, and we want all to take part of it. The future is closer…

Once again, our most sincere gratitude to all of you.

Knowthing Team


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