To be an entrepreneur? Sure, when?

Publicado: abril 18, 2013 en Economia, Entrepreneurship
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In previous posts, I have talked several times and from different perspectives about the science of entrepreneurship. But I would further deepen the issue, focusing on the best age to run a business.

Some of you know that I want to be an entrepreneur; I would like to have my own company and design my own strategy, my business plan, conduct my future and having “something mine.” So far I have not succeeded. Nevertheless, I think I am close to do it… There are several reasons, some of them: 

  • Have not found yet an exciting business idea to devote the rest of my life.
  • Comfort and safety to have a permanent contract with a fixed salary.
  • Lack of experience and need to keep learning
  • Kind of fear
  • Acceptance of the hierarchy and comfort with superiors
  • Doubts about whether I’m too young 

I would like to focus on the last point, about the moment. I really think that if you have a clear idea of ​​business, resources and you feel self-confident, you should not wait. Time is money. However, I also think that, in case of doubt, the best is to wait, keep learning from others, from other companies, analyzing different business models and someday you will undertake.

I know several young entrepreneurs that at my age are owners and partners of one or more companies. This is the case of Bedeluxe,  a company created three years ago by a young team of people. For some of them their first experience as entrepreneurs, others had already started this wonderful journey. Bedeluxe is the first buying club that offers to its users a wide range of unique experiences and luxury goods. They have managed to find a latent and unmet need in the market successfully.

 I would like to hear from you about entrepreneurship, to know your motivations to start a new business and what is the best age to undertake. I am awaiting my opportunity which I think is about to arrive. Waiting does not mean being sited down, it means observing, analyzing, networking to find the special idea and being an entrepreneur.


  1. knowthing dice:

    Are you an entrepreneur? Tell us your experience.

    What are the success key factors to start a business? Do you think the age is a factor to consider when starting a business?

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