When they call me that I belong to a lost generation…

Publicado: abril 11, 2013 en Sociedad
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Generación perdida 1

This week, Spanish young workers spread around the world have demonstrated in the main streets of the cities they are working in. They censured and denounced the current and previous Spanish government the fact that they felt they had been kicked out of their country in order to have a job.

These youngsters belong to what has been called “the lost generation”. Young Spaniards between 15 and 30 years old that found themselves in a socioeconomic environment much different from what this society had been promised during the last years.

It’s true, more than 65% of the less than 24 years population do not have a job. Unemployment rate is close to 25% of the total working population, and future perspectives are not really hopeful, even though at the beginning of the year the government on duty promises that this will be the year of the recovery.

But today I will not talk about who have pushed us to this situation (those social classes who will not ever feel even a bit of the crisis situation we live today), or denounce that our government is forcing the Spanish population to austerity policies while new cases of corruption, bribes and illegal public concessions from the previous governments arise every now and then.

generacion perdida 2

Today, I will try that this will be a tribute to hope, to that opportunity to be found in any challenge. Today I declare that we are not a lost generation, even though most of them have already decided we are lost and there is no hope to fight for.

On one side, we have those demonstrators mentioned at the beginning of the post. Youngsters who were able to leave the world they knew about and felt comfortable in, in order to have a chance and find the opportunity they were not given in their home country. I’m sorry, but I do not consider them lost. I don’t think we are 100% aware of what these people had to give away, how they decided to invest in their future because they believed in their chances.

On the other side, there are the youngsters that decided to stay in Spain, fighting to keep their jobs. It might be from another point of view, but I would like to highlight the strength needed to stay in a country that has really few opportunities to offer, even less on the labour market. And even with that situation, they decided to stay and develop here. Let me foresee that these are the people that will be most ready to help the country growth once this economic situation will dissipate, if ever happen.

The last, but not least, are those youngsters that are unemployed, the well-known “ninja”. This is the most difficult group to define, as we could find in it from a double degree licensed with a post grade on some specialization, to a person that after high school decided to start working in the construction world where he could make some money, and now he finds himself without any opportunity.

Surfing through internet I found with this article attached below (just Spanish version, sorry). We can find in it a high view of why do we find ourselves in this situation, but mainly why we do not want to be called lost generation, as we do not consider as such. Even though it might go much further than what this article pretends, I thought it quite interesting and thoughtful.


Finally, let me claim, even though I said previously I would not do it, that what we call today lost generation, it could become a “lost” country in the future if we forget the core values from progress and success: values and ethics, effort and formation.

We do need a society where values and ethics will lead instead of stepping onto the others to get what you want. We need a society where people will be willing to work for the others instead of try to take advantage of the others. But most of it, we need a society that invest in formation/education, where those values and effort can be taught and learnt.

generacion perdida 3


  1. knowthing dice:

    Do you belong to this lost generation? If so, how do you feel when they refer to you like that?
    Is your children part of this generation? How do you feel when you see that they do not have the opportunities you promised them when they were kids?
    What are the values do you consider necessary to redirect this situation and make sure this never happen again?

  2. Maria dice:

    Awesome post!
    I belong to the lost generation and I’ve reached a conclusion: when you loose your keys, It’s not that the keys have voluntarily sneaked out of your pocket. It’s that you’ve been careless and left them somewhere without knowing. Same with us. We have been left somewhere by careless structures. We are not lost. They do not seem to be too interested in fixing the terrible mess we are all in, but we can and must start building some place for ourselves. Is it more work than other generations? Maybe. But it is a fabulous opportunity too. We have a chance of changing things, of making a difference. And we must take that chance.

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