Daddy I want to create a family … can you borrow me some money?

Publicado: marzo 21, 2013 en Economia
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While writing these first lines, I’m getting more and more scared. I’m 26 and when I look around, everything looks dark and getting even darker, no light spots in the horizon.

Let me explain, most of my friends are/live in precarious labour conditions: some of them do not have a contract, some of them trying not to lose their jobs, others remaining in university just to have internship contracts and others who are just NINJAs. The more adventurous have tried fortune in other countries and the luckiest ones have 1,000 thousand euros/month fixed contracts.

If I remember well, the vast majority of our parents are in ages ranging from 50 to 60 years, which inevitably means that when we were born, they were our age. And I wonder … when are we going to have our children? With such economic and social conditions, just a few of us could assume such a big challenge. Even worse, there are no future opportunities to come in the short-medium term picture. In other words (see comparative Spanish population pyramid from 2011 and 2021) from now on pyramid structure will become more and more narrow in its base.

 Piramide poblacion 2011 2021

Source: National Statistical Institute

Being a country with a demographic structure as seen in the graph carries many consequences and most of them despicable. I would like focus on the concern about the small proportion of working population compared to the number of retirees. In these cases, financing pensions and other public services becomes a more difficult task for governments and for those employees who start having a good labour contract, they do not think of creating a family but investing in their retirement.

And if we add that an “old” country is less dynamic and less able to innovate, it is known that innovative ideas are usually developed by people on their 30s-40s, we are seriously in trouble.

Therefore, we won’t be able to revive our economy if we fail to revive domestic consumption and even more difficult will be to revive our birth rate unless we get out of this spiral. Therefore, as already pointed out in previous posts, something has to change … can you predict what?


  1. knowthing dice:

    Do you think youth’s future is in danger? When will they be able to create a family and how? Are we aware of the consequences of having an unstructured population pyramid? Save me daddy!

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