Tell me you dream and I will tell you are not happy enough.

Publicado: marzo 7, 2013 en Economia, Sociedad
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This controversial headline hides one of the most interesting reflections I have ever heard about. I always had a deep interest in psychology and, by extension, in dreams. There are so many brilliant minds that have dedicated their own lives to the study of this amazing science, but I did not know some of the connections the dream world has to ancient concepts such as religion or happiness.

To begin with, just read the following quotation: <<the less western cultural influenced human beings (Aboriginal colonies from India, Burma and Thailand) do not dream at all>>. Not only they do not dream, but the word and concept of “dream” does not even exist. This finding was experienced by Christian expeditions who wanted to evangelize Asian tribes. Why? You might wonder… The reason is so simple: people who do not experience any repression do not need to dream. This is quite difficult to understand from the Western perspective, where keeping the mind blank, connected to our consciousness, may be impossible, even for those fools called “yoggies”.

Let’s step forward; dreams are basically (according to the Western science) a defensive mechanism against what we have experienced during the day. It is a process necessary to balance the body and mind in order to be ready for every new day. There are different levels of sleep, whose more superficial levels are characterized by “easy to remember” dreams. Other times, sleep is deeper and you can hardly remember the dream. Possibly you can just remember the feelings and emotions associated to. We rarely sleep without dreaming. And not dreaming is the consequence of being free from bias, manipulation, repression … The most superficial dreams connect you to materialistic moments of your life. Otherwise, sleeping without dreaming means being away from materialistic life, in higher level of consciousness, where intuition emerges and connects us to present. Sometimes, we can experience this fact during moments of exhaustion, for example after a demanding workout. Then the exhausted body is ready to experience a necessary and liberating disconnection without any dream involved.  Then, your consciousness may slightly emerge and after that you will probably feel some relief.

If you let the doubt arise (remember doubt is the first step to come up with a new reality, read Post: “A prison called doubt”) we could conclude that we will hardly be able to give up dreaming.

Dreams are everywhere. Our society has supported them in order to keep our mind far away from our consciousness. Maybe our mind needs to stop dreaming and wake up conscious and realise repression is not as natural as we thought. Your goals must arise from your today’s reality and you have to sleep without dreaming because this really would mean your goals are closer. From my point of view, dreams could be a dangerous euphemism to assure some unnatural behaviour pattern and truly there are some institutions who are taking advantage of this situation. Don’t you think Father? Don’t you think Sir?



  1. knowthing dice:

    Do you think dreams could be dangerous? How often do you dream? Do you sleep happily?

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