The economy is defined as the set of economic activities that occur in the movement of goods, people, money and / or services, occurring within a single system (local or global) between different actors in a market. The process begins with the existence of needs of market players (primary or secondary, companies or individuals) why should manage existing resources and produce goods or services to meet them.

The system is self-regulating, ie putting the offer price will not be absorbed by demand until both players agree on a point of interest in the quantity and price assimilate to the needs and demand rules.

supply & demand

Then, if the system is self-regulating and adjusting, we cannot but ask What, Who has led to a dramatic situation like the present?

All, or what is the same, the agents involved in the market have altered the rules and the requirements to participate in the economy. And, how those rules have changed?

• Imposition of tariffs and taxes on imports / exports

• Subsidies to promote deficit sectors

• Corruption at all levels of decision

• massive injections of money and credit facility in the market causing the increase, in a bubble, prices of basic and second necessity

• Excessive spending in good times

• And many more

Thousands of questions unanswered fly, but they all take an internal perspective. For example, in Spain we can only wonder how U.S. out of the crisis, but do not think about global solutions that can prevent market failures that lead to more serious situations in the future internationally.

What can we do? What can we change? These questions are not the focus from a macroeconomic point of view of the type: we could raise taxes, print more money or lower interest rates. Basically, it will change economic policies and will trip over the same stone.

On this basis, comes “The Venus Project” initiated by Jacque Fresco, and the mentality of redesigning the current culture. Its aim is to restructure society through the use of a resource-based economy, and not money. The form of organization is implemented through environmentally sustainable cities, based on energy efficiency, sound management of natural resources and the intensive use of technologies available to us today, and those that are to come. Social cooperation and scientific methodology would be the laws of governance and interaction between citizens. His theory will find in the following video.

The Venus Project is far from what reality allows us to do today, is true. We can not change the basis of global society in two days, let alone big upending the idiosyncrasies of all mankind. I’ve always believed that if you have to dream, dream big, if you have a goal, but a priori it seems impossible, fight for it, because if you fight will be closer than if desist at first.

Anyway, we live in the society of immediacy. Therefore, Een this time of corruption, it is time to speak out, locking up politicians in their bubble, and focus on self-governing, managing resources properly, but above all, open borders, to float freely markets, resources and people. The markets are smarter than politicians, should meet the needs of its agents.


  1. knowthing dice:

    What do you think of the Venus Project? Do you foresee any sort of viability? What could trigger a collapse of capitalism?

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