Job change while crisis time

Publicado: febrero 21, 2013 en Empresa, Sociedad
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In previous posts we talked about who we are and the connection between the 7 associates of Knowthing. Briefly, we all studied at the same university, the same degree and licensed in 2009, so we have 3 years of work experience. Even with the same training, our jobs are so different; some of us work in consulting, auditing, corporate finance, asset management or marketing.  The companies where we work are also diverse: pharmaceuticals, finance, insurance, real estate and mass market, among others.

Some years ago we were all suffering from anxiety and nerves to find our first job. In those days, 2009, the crisis was, as today, at the top of the news. Finding a job as a new graduate, with a good contract and an attractive company was complicated. Finally, we all find our path and, in no more than three months, we were all working. Lucky, you may think, it could be, but we were not lacked of desire and enthusiasm to make thousands of interviews, receiving negative answer lots of times.

After three years working, on Christmas we went for dinner and I realized a fact that thrilled me. None of the seven were still working at the same company in which we began our career path. Surprising?? Not really! It is true that the economic situation is daunting, shocking unemployment figures, but we got it. So, this article is intended as a piece of hope, trying to be able to help and encourage those who are looking for a job. Here are some of the features that helped us:

Training: Straightforward! We spent years learning, team working…, hours and hours in the library. Languages, computer skills, focused classes. Diversifying is currently one of the basic points and one of the keys to differentiate yourself from the others  is training.
Ambition: Ambition in the best sense of the word. Ambition and desire to learn, in order to grow horizontally and vertically.
Spirit of Accomplishment: Overcome every day, feeling useful, go to sleep at night and feel satisfied.
Optimism: Positivism is one of the key points, both in personal and professional life, feature to be shown in any interview.

The current situation is complex, very complicated. The crisis is furious, but there are opportunities, maybe less, maybe a few, but they exist.

It’s not all about luck. The outcome with no effort does not come through. We must think about who we are and how we want to be in the future, and after that, put in practice all the mechanisms to get to that point. If we make it, then it is not a matter of luck only. If others can do it, so can I. You should never think that others are better or are luckier. Positivism is the key.




  1. knowthing dice:

    What are the most important success factors in the job search and how to deal with them? How important is a positive attitude ahead of complicated situations?

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