A prison called doubt

Publicado: enero 17, 2013 en Sociedad
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For quite a while I’ve been thinking over which instrument is behind the understanding of certain phenomena that gradually occur in our society. In other words, how most of the society is not aware of another reality that may be behind certain phenomena which took place throughout our recent history. I am not telling you that I know the truth behind the coming given examples, what I meant is that there is a psychological phenomenon behind, that certainly allows us to think beyond our present consciousness.

The psychological phenomenon behind is simple, once we have introduced in our mind an idea (example: my home is squared-shape), the idea just will only be processed as true when 100% of the conscious evidence supports it. However, if there is another way of evidence (another reality), even evidence tested, our mind will remain anchored to the first reality. And the second reality will be kept just as a doubt. Thus, doubt keeps you out of the new reality by creating thinking axioms, which I call “the Doubt’s prison”. This phenomenon could certainly be perceived as bullshit according to the previous example “my home’s shape”. Otherwise, this fact can be extremely relevant when we change the preconceived idea. For example, there really was an Islamist attack on 9/11? We cannot deny that implications associated have another magnitude. In fact, it is much more difficult to change our view if there is an official theory we have to demolish in order to get a threatening idea.

But, be brave and let’s do an experiment taking into account that the mind works as I have just explained. What do you think now? Has some come into your mind?

I am fully aware that this is a swampy area, but the theory behind “the Doubt’s prison” can be applied to lots of predefined concepts that shape our reality: in politics, philosophy, economics, society … Believe or not in realities outside the official versions, the mind is still such a powerful  weapon that let mind’s thoughts thinking always free. Do not be afraid of having doubts because ideas can exist despite having doubts, and doubts disappear with the power of ideas and time. Kant said once: “Time has no reality outside our mind.”


 PS: For the most conservative readers, I am aware of the fact that this theory  has no empirical validation, despite having scientific support in the field of psychology. Furthermore, this theory will not ever have an official validation, but this theory will always do believe in doubt.


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